Support Statement: Partial Translations

Q: I am interested in your product if it works. I have attempted to test however I just want to convert individual class files not an entire project. I would be interested in speaking with someone to see if this well work for us.

 A: gmStudio is designed to process coherent collections of related VB6/COM[*] files.  The set of files is described in VBP file format.  We also have a fundamental assumption that the collection of files described in the VBP represents production code and that it builds successfully using VB6.

 If you want to convert individual class files you would create a VBP format file that references only the classes of interest.  If those classes reference external symbols not declared in the class files, it will interfere with the interpretation of the code and negatively impact translation quality.  However, gmStudio also has an “open type system” that allows one to create API descriptions defining external symbols.  gmStudio will automatically generate these for COM APIs, but one may also create these descriptions for the VB6 files, or even for APIs that only exist to assist with interpretation of the legacy code.  Once these API descriptions are loaded, the external API references will be recognized.   gmStudio can also automatically generated stub C# (or VB.NET ) classes from external APIs descriptions. 

Having said all that, rather than trying to setup a series of partial translations, it is recommended to let the tool process your VB6 project in total.  You may then take the desired parts of the result and re-assemble them into a new design.