Obtaining and Installing a License

First, you need to install gmStudio on your machine, if you haven't done so already (Installing gmStudio).  Then, you may prepare a License Request using gmStudio and the instructions here.  The Registration Form allows you to prepare a license request to initiate that process.

The license request and activation process requires an internet connection to  If your company's web security policy makes this difficult, please contact us for assistance and we will make arrangements to provide a license through email.

The Registration Form

The Registration Form also can be used to manually install a license file.

Clicking [Help\Register] displays the Registration form.  NOTE: If you are starting gmStudio after a fresh install, you may have to cancel the user settings form and upgrade wizard forms to get to the gmStudio main form and Help menu.

Setup License Information


The Licensee information includes the following fields:

  • Name: is the name that will be associated with the license for record keeping.   

  • eMail: is the email address used for your Great Migrations account.

  • Hardware ID: the unique ID of the machine for which you are requesting a license.  The ID of the current machine will be loaded by default. 

gmStudio licenses are tied to a specific physical machine, as identified, by the Hardware ID computed for that machine.  If you need to move your license to a different machine or to a virtual machine contact us for assistance. 

License Limits

  • Duration (Months): The number of months you plan on using the license.  
    License as much as you need up front, or go month to month.

  • Size (LOC): Custom lines of code limit. (no longer required)
    Normally we distribute project-specific licenses that are for a specific set of files and base the license size on the project size plus some LOC to allow for growth of the codebase. 
    However, in special cases we will distribute an open license that is limited by LOC only.  You may request a custom code size limit here.

  • Source Type(s):  the source type(s) you plan on processing.
    You may request VBP, ASP, or both.

  • Target Platform(s):  the target languages you intend to generate.
    You may request C#, VB.NET or both.  

  • Project Files: the gmStudio projects you wish to include in your license. (required for Promotional License)

    • Project Name: the name you want to use for the set of files in your upgrade project

    • Listview, Add Project, Remove Project: allows you to add and remove gmStudio projects for your license request.  

    • Project Size (LOC): shows the combined, effective size of the gmStudio projects added to your project-specific license.  The result excludes duplicate files.  

    • View Project Signature: this displays the project signature for the gmStudio projects in the Listview.


Promotional Licenses are project-specific and allow up to 11K VB6 LOC.

Get your License

Send Request

After you have completed all the fields on the registration form, a summary listing will be displayed in the text box near the bottom of the Registration form. Simply click Send Request to submit your information to the gmStudio support team. 

Check for License 

The recommended way to activate a license is to use the Check for License feature.  This feature downloads your license file and attempts to activate it for you.  The license will be stored in the gmStudio installation folder.

Manage a License

If you cannot download and activate your license through the registration form, you can request a copy of the file by email and activate it manually.

After you receive your license file you can install it as follows:

  1. Save the file to the location on the machine where gmStudio is installed. 

  2. Start gmStudio. 

  3. Click [Help/Register] on the menu to Open the Registration Form. 

  4. Click the [Select] button in the [Manage a License] panel at the bottom of the form. 

  5. Navigate to your license file and click [Open]. 

  6. Click [Install] to install the file. 

  7. Restart gmStudio to load the new license file.