This section describes details of the gmStudio technology in terms of command syntax, system defaults, and file formats.  

  • Application Configuration The gmStudio Application Config File (gmStudio.cfg) contains specifications for settings and the external tools needed to execute various application functions.
  • Migration Project Files (*.gmProj) Migration Project Files allow you to capture the high-level migration project settings and the inventory of migration units. The migration project file serves as repository of information needed to drive and track the progress of each migration effort. 
  • User Batch Commands User Batch Commands allow you to add your own processing steps at specific points in the migration process. 
  • gmStudio Command Line gmStudio can be operated in batch using a command line. All of the most common application functions can be performed from the command line. This will help you integrate gmStudio into your standard build process. 

Looking for more Details?

Details of the gmBasic languages are presented in the gmBasic Language Reference.