ADP Dealer Services Desking System (ASP)


ADP Dealer Services used gmStudio in support of its project to upgrade its Desking product to ASP.NET/C#.NET. Desking is a commercial web application consisting of over 200 ASP pages and 60 #include files containing over 125K server-side logic LOC and 30K markup LOC.  Desking also includes a custom VB6 business-logic DLL containing about 40K LOC.

In a two-week engagement, Great Migrations developed a custom migration solution to automatically rewrite the VB6/ASP Desking application code as C# of  build-complete  quality.  Some of the technical highlights of this solution are as follows:

  • Rewrites the site's 200+ pages as ASPX pages with C# code-behind organized in a .NET web application project
  • Rewrites the site's 60+ #include files as web user controls with code-behind, as appropriate
  • Replaces COM references with generated .NET stub classes. 
  • Reworks Win32 dependencies to use .NET framework classes
  • Reworks VBScript to C# with strong typing
  • Produces detailed system metrics reports to assist with planning the work to refactor and optimize the code by hand
  • Translation Time: VB6 5 seconds, ASP Site: 20 seconds

Thanks to Mark and his team from Great Migrations, our migration project is off to a flying start.  His team's initial migrations were more than I expected.  Our over 200,000 lines of asp code have been translated and compile.  Without the help of his team, this project would not have been possible for us.


John Asermely
Development Manager, ADP Desking

ADP Dealer Services
2 Huntington Quadrangle, Melville NY 11747