BMW Financial Services of North America -- Desktop Applications Portfolio (VB6/ASP)

BMWFS used gmBasic to migrate several hundred application components from VB6/ASP to C#. The gmBasic tool was customized to perform significant restructuring of the VB6 code to conform to BMWFS's unique architecture standards, such as the following:

  • ADO to ADO.Net
  • MS Flexgrid to Xceed Grid
  • VB6 Error Handling to try-catch
  • VB6 Collection classes to client, custom collection classes
  • MSXML to System.XML
  • Windows Scripting Library to System.IO
  • Legacy Appliation Frameworks to new .NET Application Frameworks
  • VB6 ActiveX controls to FS-standardized .NET Windows Forms Classes

BMW Financial Services of North America
5550 Britton Parkway
Hilliard, OH 43026

See the BMW Case Study

We knew that taking our business critical systems through such a huge transformation would be challenging. We needed an approach that not only minimized cost and ensured quality but would insulate our business from disruption.

We built new architecture frameworks as a part of the project, and the Promula translation tools were an essential part of our strategy. These tools, tuned by Promula to our specifications, have given us the planning flexibility we needed to incorporate the migration into our release process.

To this point, we have migrated about 50% of our portfolio, with few of our business users even knowing we were doing it. We are on schedule and on budget to complete the migration by March 2008.

See the BMW Case Study

Jeff Haskett
General Manager, Application Development Group, BMW FS