N'ware Technologies Warehouse Management System (ASP)

N’ware Technologies (“NWTech”) used gmStudio to upgrade its Warehouse Management System (“WMS”) to ASP.NET/C#.NET.  

WMS is a commercial web-based application consisting of 191 ASP pages and 9 #include files, expressed in 98K unique lines of ASP code and referencing a number of external COM APIs. 

In a one-week engagement, Great Migrations developed a custom migration solution to automatically rewrite the VB6/ASP WMS application code as ASP.NET/C# code. The solution generates an ASP.NET/C# translation of the ASP pages and their #includes with COM dependencies satisfied by a C# stub framework. All C# files are organized into a build-complete web application project – ready for refactoring, reengineering and verification on the ASP.NET/C# platform by NWTech.

First of all, working with Mark Juras has been so easy and friendly. Always available and willing for our project to work and be successful. Then, having gmStudio with Mark's expertise has tremendously sped up our project. It would've taken months otherwise. Thanks

Claude Parent
CTO, N'Ware Technologies Inc.