Southern Company Services -- Operations and Maintenance Tracking System (ASP)

Southern Company Services,  a large electric and gas utility company based in Atlanta, Georgia, used our tools and services to upgrade two ASP web sites to ASP.NET/C#.  The two sites were the external-facing and internal-facing components of a web-based Operations Maintenance Tracking and Reporting application.  Using gmStudio, Great Migrations provided full, end-to-end support, to perform a tool-assisted rewrite of these applications to functional equivalence running in production. 

Project Highlights

  • Internal site: 101 Pages and 21 #includes containing 6K LOC logic and 7K LOC markup
  • External Site: 249 Pages and 30 #includes containing 22K LOC logic and 20K LOC markup
  • The site was upgraded to follow SCS .NET web site standards and integrate with their new theme/css and security framework
  • Client-side VBScript was upgraded to client-side JavaScript to allow better cross-browser operation
  • Pages were modified to allow asynchronous client-side operations – to be more compatible with ASP.NET

Southern Company Services in Atlanta utilized the services of Great Migrations (GM) to convert two classic-ASP application to ASP .NET. GM accomplished these tasks with great efficiency and flair. Throughout the conversion process, GM worked with great diligence and seriousness. One thing to note about GM is their technical competence which was strikingly apparent. GM went way beyond the call of duty when certain issues were discovered, not included in the original contract, during the conversion process. We would wholeheartedly recommend them not only for what we utilized their services for, but also for all sorts of other programming and automation projects.

Murali Kumbale
Staff-liaison and Engineer
Southern Company Services Inc.
Atlanta, GA