Learning gmStudio

We offer training, documentation, and guidance in the use of our product.

  • We provide a web-based gmStudio Bootcamp session.  The duration of the session is about 2-3 hours. 
  • We maintain gmStudio User's Guide, gmStudio videos, and samples on this portal. 
  • We answer questions about using the tool including how to tune it by modifying your translation configuration files.  

We recommend all customers planning to use advanced gmStudio features study and reproduce the samples and consult the gmStudio User's Guide and the gmBasic Language Reference.

Training Content Options

Advanced training and custom support services are recommended for teams planning extensive customization.  We offer two types of content options:

Upgrade Project Workshop

The Upgrade Project Workshop is an intense project-specific training engagement that will accelerate your upgrade project.  An Upgrade Project Workshop is done using customer-supplied codes and typically focuses on an optimized Standard Upgrade Solution prepared by GM prior to the workshop sessions. The agenda covers the project-specific Upgrade Solution rules and results in detail and also explores advanced topics and techniques that would typically come into play during a subsequent Custom Upgrade project.   An Upgrade Project Workshop may also cover specific technical or methodology topics at the customer's request.   gmStudio licenses for the training are typically purchased as a part of a package integrating the prior Standard Upgrade Solution and the Upgrade Project Workshop.

Generic gmStudio Workshop

When there is no prior Great Migrations services engagement for the client, the agenda and content of the training workshop may be based on generic upgrade samples provided by GM rather than the client's codes.  gmStudio licenses for the attendees may be purchased separately.

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