gmStudio Release News: Monday, 27-March-2023

gmBasic: Upgrade Engine

gmBasic is a computer language processor that reads, interprets, and rewrites VB6/ASP/COM systems for the .NET platform (using C# or VB.NET). Based on feedback from our clients and real-world modernization project work, we continuously improve gmBasic so it will help developers more easily produce cleaner and more correct upgrade results. This distribution, Version 40.44, includes many enhancements; for example:

  • Improves adjustment of Twips to Pixels in complex calculations
  • Improves RootNameSpace in C# project files
  • Improves the gmSL runtime to allow Cross-Class function calls
  • Improves Conditional Stubout for VBN
  • Improves GenericCollections migration

gmStudio: Upgrade Solution Development Environment

Powered by gmBasic, gmStudio is a platform for analyzing code and developing custom VB6/ASP/COM to .NET upgrade solutions. We are continuously adding functionality to gmStudio and making it easier to use. This distribution includes several enhancements:

  • Adds Support for GMEXEC:Script Convention for running custom GMAPI executables
  • Adds Edit/Find to the file content display box on the Settings form
  • Improves Target Code Scan Report to correctly report member rather than statement label
  • Improves performance of %ReferenceList% detokenization
  • Improves Translation Log Report for XMLERRORs and EMRROOM errors
  • Improves managing System Metalang Files from settings screen
  • Improves editing CodeSearchList and SearchTemplate
  • Improves naming convention for script templates created
  • Improves default translation scripts to use OptionalArguments=On
  • Improves hot-key handling on Task Attributes Dialog
  • Improves default button behavior on Filter Dialog
  • Improves COM dependency analysis for ASP code
  • Improves Reference information panel and Analytics Report error handling

gmAPI: a .NET API for Developing Advanced Upgrade Solutions

Powered by gmBasic, gmAPI is a .NET API for automating our upgrade engine and accessing the semantic models produced by our unique linguistic compilation technology. gmAPI also includes classes for managing complex upgrade rules and integrating with gmStudio. This API was updated to reflect the latest improvements and conventions in the gmBasic platform.

  • Adds new XML-driven execution model for custom upgrade engines developed with gmAPI

gmMetrics: Advanced Metrics Reporting tool

gmMetrics is a tool for reporting the content of system models generated by gmBasic. This includes Symbol Tables, References Reports, Definitions Reports, and Model Audits. gmMetrics is a console application written in C# using gmAPI. We maintain and enhance gmMetrics to keep it in sync with the model schema and to produce new reports.

gmStudio Extensions

gmStudio ships with a collection of sample upgrade rules that can be used to add custom features to your upgrade solution. These XML documents and gmSL scripts are distributed as source that you may modify to fit your unique requirements. The sample rules were updated to reflect the latest product improvements and conventions. See also additions and changes in gmStudio Extensions Repository.

  • Improves COM replacement rules for Scripting Runtime to System.IO
  • Improves COM replacement rules for CommonDialog to WinForms common Dialog controls
  • Improves COM replacement rules for Windows Common Controls to WinForms

gmRTL: Great Migrations Run Time Library

gmRTL is a sample runtime library that contains classes allowing for more readable translations. Learn more about gmRTL here.

  • Various additions and refactoring
  • Adjustments to support changes in sequence of gmRTL processing

Sample Upgrade Solutions

Great Migrations publishes several sample VB6/ASP upgrade solutions that illustrate the various upgrade features. The samples upgrade solutions and results were updated to reflect the latest product improvements and conventions. Learn about the Samples here.

  • Improves samples to use OptionalArguments=on

gmStudio FAQs

Great Migrations publishes FAQ articles and other information to help teams learn and use gmStudio. Several new articles where posted since the last product update. You can find all of the gmStudio FAQs on the Great Migrations portal.  Please feel free to contact us with questions anytime.